One issue with connected homes in general are the sheer number of smart home platforms and technologies. There’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WeMo, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and a host of others. Not every platform talks to one another, and many aren’t even compatible with others, making the problem worse.

SCHIELE´s innovative IG.net intelligent building transmission protocol and ALL-IN-ONE integrated intelligent building technology are used to try to solve this difficult problem.

Based on this ALL-IN-ONE solution not only the true sense of interconnection within the real hardware platform but also among the hardware, internet and the cloud server can be realized. This solution went from using Splicing technology subsystem to using single system, which does not need to be integrated. Therefore, it improves the convenience and stability of the network, and can be gradually upgraded according to the change of the demand and the development of technology. So it can be called as the sustainable intelligent system.

This superior technology has created a reproducible operation mode, which makes the construction of intelligent buildings and smart city systems more convenient.